Testimonials for Natalie

Below are some comments from some of my clients.

Life changing, thank you so much Natalie! I've had years in psychotherapy and that one session with you changed everything for me. I really cant thank you enough!

Helen Johnson

You have fixed my insomnia. I feel a different person. Thank you!!

Zoe Palmer

I just didn't know about this information! You are so knowledgeable. Blown away!

Adrian Winters

Natalie has developed a programme for flourish and wellbeing for our Childcare setting, that works with the staff and the families that come to us.  Natalie radiates positivity and her programme has really supported our staff well-being and has had a significant impact on our working practice.

As we move forward in this new year, we all feel that we have a more positive outlook with a cohesive workforce and the children that we care for have benefitted immensely from this.

Charlotte Earthey, Manager

Pixies Childcare. Brighton

Cannot thank you enough Natalie. You are a game changer.

Bryony James

Life changing, thank you so much Natalie! The feeling of relief was instant and my negativity lifted straight away. I feel like a goddess who can achieve anything. I've had years in psychotherapy but in that one session with you my concept of myself has changed dramatically. I really can't thank you enough! I would highly recommend you.

Rebecca King

After a few sessions of EFT my insomnia became a thing of the past and I started sleeping without it being a big issue. I didn't even notice that my insomnia and disappeared I just suddenly realised I was sleeping properly. Thank you so much Natalie.

Cathy Clarke 

The most powerfully transformative therapy I have every had. I was recommended to go see Natalie by a good friend and I would recommend Natalie's work to all if you want quick and long term change.

Catherine Elcombe

Thank you for helping me through my grief Natalie, our time together has made my future one of hope and self discovery. 

Caroline Moore

You are the Light in my darkness, and I'm very grateful for you.

Paula Leak

All Hail the change maker! Thanks Natalie.

Max O'Brien

From fearful to fearless! Bring it all on! Natalie, I cant thank you enough. Forever changed.



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