The Insomnia Programme

 Get your sleep back on track.

I have successfully worked internationally with many people who have had primary insomnia and sleep problems over the last decade.
I have decided that this is a really good time to put on to my website all of my insomnia programme, which you are welcome to look at and see if it resonates with you. It will be in short video, document form and my book, available by hard copy, kindle or ebook format. 
My sincere intention is that it will be help you to help yourself be liberated from your primary insomnia. 
Please see this introduction video of the insomnia programme for more information. More insomnia programme and video content is on its way, but apologies in advance for the slowness as it is now school holidays in the UK. Thank you.


Insomnia Information

Download Now

I am uploading my work for free. I will be putting up all my tools and techniques to transform your current sleep thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviour to ones that are positive and get you your long term sleep back.


What is it and find out how it will help get your sleep back on track.

Acceptance of What Is...

Acceptance as the starting point for our insomnia programme. Acceptance of what is, is not the same as resignation.

The Three Obstacles to Sleep

The three things you need to know to get your sleep back on track.


Worry: Sleep and General

Find out why your worry about your sleep is keeping sleep away from you, and how being a worrier makes us predisposed to having poor sleep.

Daily Behavioural Checklist

Overview of the day's structure starting from the morning when we wake up.


Find out how these two powerful drivers effect your sleep.


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