Flourish In A Day

Deeper into the Mystical and Spiritual​

We will start the day by discovering what your beliefs, emotions and thoughts currently are about a higher power and death. We’ll do this through various cognitive exercises.

We will look at the compelling evidence from many credible worldwide university and research projects, by academics, medics and scientists, taken from over 50 years of collated evidence and study. We will look at the written evidence of spiritual and mystical experiences over many cultures, over the millennia, and look at the fascinating similarities. 

We will look at the hospital reports and the data of thousands of personal experiences of those who have passed over but came back in to their physical body. This occurrence is known as a near death experiences (NDE), and these people have returned to tell their stories, and go on to live transformed lives, full of love and kindness, and a fundamental understanding that all is one. They have no fear of their death when it is finally their time to cross over and return home. Many of these people were previously atheists. And we will look how the NDE is finally starting to take traction in the UK and why we have been so slow to begin this public conversation.

We will talk about why more scientists are discussing more openly the evidence for a form of higher power, a higher intelligence, and the coming tipping point when the evidence for an organised intelligent cosmos can’t be ignored.

In this day you will understand why living with heavy left brain logic and analysis will never get you further than activating your brain and life for 'thinking, habits and processing' rather than experiencing and living the extra-ordinary. And how in the end, the extra-ordinary could actually be the ordinary.

You will practise how to have a personal mystical experience, activating parts of your brain that are known to lay dormant when we are not in prayer-meditation, igniting your mind in the faith of receivership and Union with a higher loving power.

We move beyond our daily automatic perceptions and drop deeply into the tangible experiencing of a loving presence that always flows in us and through us.

Bringing no preconceived ideas for how you should be thinking or feeling in this moment, but instead be free from all thought as you turn your attention internally to your breath, your activated mind and an open loving heart, and the power of the present moment to transform everything and reconnect. And its here that you will find deep peace, a strength to draw from, and a sense of belonging, love and worthiness.

We will look at frequency and light and how higher emotions resonate closer to the experience of feeling Divine presence, and how we can use the everyday as lessons to be learnt as we connect deeper to our own direct experience of the Divine, and re-connect in unity with all those around us. It will be a fascinating and life changing day.

Grief and Loss

The way we experience grief is individual, but would it be good for you to find the best outcome for you in your situation, so that you can express your emotions fully, find your clarity and begin to shape another kind of life?

We will start the day by discovering what your beliefs, emotions and behaviours currently are. We’ll do this through various cognitive exercises. You’ll quickly build a clear picture of where you are now, that’s your present state, and where you want to be, that’s your desired state.

We will cover many topics from your emotional relationship with your grief, and letting go of emotions such as anger and sadness and overwhelm. We will focus on any shock and trauma that you may be holding in your body from your loss and seek to release that. 

We will work with any regrets, blame, shame or guilt that you may be experiencing and move towards acceptance and learning to let go of a relationship with your grief and loss that keeps you stuck and unable to balance yourselves and enjoy the life that you have to live whilst you can.

We will look at clearing negative judgements on yourself and others, and adapting to create personal happiness and peace within your life.

And through our breath work that connects us to our heart-mind, we will allow humility and grace to fill the void in what we may not, or ever, understand fully the reasons why events happened as they did.

You will find your path to handing over your worries and emotions to something higher than yourself, be that the God of your understanding, your family and friends, or our group, as we come together to lean-in, and lean-on, each other and recover from what we have experienced. 

When we lose someone close to us, we also lose the physicality of that relationship and that can impact negatively on our physiological and emotional wellbeing. So knowing techniques that you can use to create a feel-good state in your body can really help, so we will also look at the power or your breath, and the importance of our own, and others, gentle touch. Both breath and touch are hugely beneficial for increasing the feel good hormones in your body, such as serotonin and oxytocin, and decreasing the stress response hormone cortisol, which is so prevalent when we suffer upset and shock.

​This is a day for honouring those that have gone before us, and making the decision to give ourselves permission to make the most out of our lives, so that we can in time, reflect back and know that we had the courage to live fully.


Even though grief and loss can be distressing to live with for many, this day will be light, compassionate and both practical and insightful. You will feel connected, heard and understood. You are not alone, or have cause to feel lonely, as we come together and intend for the wellbeing, and the end to the suffering, of all our group as a positive way forward to help heal ourselves as individuals.


We will be using tools and techniques that are proven in their efficacy and speed to support you with what you are experiencing. You will feel so much better for having come along, and you will have changed enough by the end of the day, so that you no longer have to carry such heavy emotional weight. We can then honour and love those that have passed, and find purpose and meaning in our own lives and existence.


​​During these events, we will look at the theory of each module, evidence for it and then apply the tools and techniques to transform. All the specialist events are highly practical in nature so that you not only logically understand the information but you immediately apply the solutions so you can start to feel better straight away. You may surprise yourself with how quickly your behaviour can change, if you come along with the intention to feel better and apply yourself to all the exercises, tools and techniques that we will cover.


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