Natalie Cowell

​With over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the field of positive emotion and spiritual psychology and wellbeing, I have worked hard to support and mentor many people to be free of what has kept them 'stuck' so that they can then experience a happier more fulfilled and peace filled life.

Of my own personal experience, my meditation practice flowed into prayerfulness and became the gateway in to the mystical. Following my guidance and intuition, that 'still small voice for God' my life unfolds in a rich and rewarding way and I seek to help others to find their spiritual path and join me as we journey within this lifetime, back to our eternal home together.

I have spent the last ten years working with primary insomnia and grief which confirmed to me how important it is to take ownership of our own happiness, discover, embrace and expand our spiritual being-ness, and to take genuine loving care of each other. And so Flourish SFU began...

The tools I combine with my spiritual practice and use are: NLP - Tapping - Talk therapy - Bio-energy - Breath and Haptic - Meditation and Visualisation - Nutrition.​

My training qualifications: EFT (emotional freedom techniques) master practitioner and teacher-trainer. NLP (neuro linguistic programming) practitioner. Mindfulness teacher-trainer. Emotional resilience practitioner and teacher-trainer. Meditation practitioner and teacher-trainer. Bio-energy practitioner and teacher-trainer. Modern energy practitioner and teacher-trainer. EMO teacher practitioner and teacher-trainer.

I am very grateful for the insights, deep knowledge and experience of the counsellors and psychologists I collaborate with, especially Peter Leakey, as too the nutritionists, bio-energy practitioners and my spiritual community, as I continue in my effort to offer the best I can to all of my clients.

My work and personal life is forever informed on the sure and steady path I choose to take in my faith and trust in a higher and loving power that flows through us and for us.


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