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In this energetic universe, everything is connected. Everything is part of you. Everything is One and consciousness is one and universal. There is nowhere where we are and the Light of Divinity is not. Find your freedom and joy in this life and climb The Vertical on the spiritual path towards God. Raise your thoughts and actions to create a higher mind and tune in to a higher frequency and connect with the Divine that is the All, that is the "I AM".


Flourish SFU was founded with a mission and one purpose: to make people feel good about themselves and others, by placing their own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being as their first priority.

I am a spiritual and emotion wellbeing consultant with 20 years experience, working with adults and children, to support their potential and to find their peace in this life.

We are all worthy, we all have gifts and much to contribute, and your feeling good matters to us all.

Learn to be your true self, feel free and connect to others in a meaningful and positively transformative way.

Create a meaningful life for yourself, one that you are satisfied with. Experience creates change and change creates new possibilities.


One Day Closer

Join me for 365 days up The Vertical, drawing closer to the Divine. Move away from living on The Horizontal and learn to remove judgements and all those negative emotions that block you from becoming joyful and lovingness itself. Choose to move towards inner peace and then express that outwardly to the world around you. Make this life of yours count, so that in the end, you can look back and know that you were part of the good and the light. Let the word of the Lord God be written and known on your heart.


Discover Your True Self

Deeper in to the spirit that is you ...


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